Lightweight Thermal Goggles

Presenting the UNITEC-G, the epitome of thermal imaging goggle systems catering to a wide spectrum of customers. Equipped with a full-size ergonomic and tactile keypad, encased within a rugged hard-anodized aluminum body, and boasting exceptional optics, the UNITEC-G redefines real-life performance while setting new benchmarks in battery longevity.

Meticulously engineered with a fully waterproof design, complemented by precision machining and unparalleled build quality, the UNITEC-G Series stands as an unwavering testament to reliability and durability. From uninterrupted wildlife observation to unyielding perimeter security, and from reconnaissance to high-stakes tactical operations, these goggles leave no mission unaccomplished.

Designed for versatility, the UNITEC-G goggles can be effortlessly attached to a helmet, providing hands-free operational freedom. This integration ensures seamless maneuverability and enables swift transitions between critical tasks without compromising situational awareness or operational efficiency.

With the UNITEC-G, GSCI reaffirms its unwavering commitment to delivering thermal imaging solutions of unmatched caliber. Prepare to experience uncompromising performance, unparalleled clarity, and relentless dependability, empowering you to excel in any environment, around the clock.

Most Popular Options & Accessories

  • MTAR™-HUD – Multi-Task Heads-Up Display
  • MVP-240™ – Multi-Voltage Battery Pack
  • HMD-800-MOD – Portable Display Unit
  • QRF-4500™ – Advanced Laser Rangefinder
  • TRC120 – Remote Control
  • DVR-INT – Internal Video Recorder

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UNITEC-G Specifications

  • FPA Refresh Rate: 9Hz or 50Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 2X, 4X
  • Display: Full Size: 0.5-Inch, Dual-AMOLED, Colour, 800×600
  • Imaging Modes: Monochrome + 8 Colour Palettes
  • Compass: Yes
  • Inclinometer: Yes
  • Gyroscope: Yes
  • Digital Video Recorder: Optional – Built-In or External
  • Power Source: 4x AA and External (e.g. MVP-240™)
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours on 4x AA and up to 16 hours with MVP-240™
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 Years, Limited

UNITEC-G Features

  • Dual-Eye Observation
  • Designed for Professional Use
  • Set of Curated Technological Features
  • Exceptional Situational Awareness
  • Helmet-Mountable
  • Optionally Aided by Various Target Location Features
  • Outstanding Endurance and Reliability
  • Latest Generation Hardware and Software
  • Battle-Proven MIL-STD Enclosure
  • Precision-Crafted to Tightest Tolerances
  • Powered by AA Batteries in Quick-Swap Cartridges
  • Extra Long Autonomy on MVP-240™ Pack: up to 16 Hours

General Specifications

Sensor Resolution

384x288 or 640×480

Pixel Pitch

17 microns

Detector Type

Uncooled, a-Si 

Refresh Rate

9Hz or 50Hz

Optical Zoom Options


Digital Zoom

1x, 2x, 4x, 8x

Stow Safety Feature


9-Axis HUD Feature


Digital Video Recorder


Universal Port


Power Source

4x AA or MVP-240

Battery Life (4x AA)

7 Hours

Battery Life on MVP-240

25 Hours

Environmental Protection


Operating Temperature

-40°C .. +50°C


7 Years, Limited

Available Models

UNITEC-G38 17µm

Lens: 25mm | Sensor: 384x288 pixels | Field Of View: 14.9° x 11.2° | DRI (Human): 830m / 310m / 165m

UNITEC-G64 17µm

Lens: 25mm | Sensor: 640x480 pixels | Field Of View: 24.5° x 18.5° | DRI (Human): 830m / 310m / 165m


Lens: 35mm | Sensor: 384x288 pixels | Field Of View: 8.3° x 6.2° | DRI (Human): 1650m / 615m / 330m


Lens: 35mm | Sensor: 640x512 pixels | Field Of View: 12.5° x 9.4° | DRI (Human): 1650m / 618m / 330m

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Most Popular Options and Accessories


Advanced Low-Profile Shroud-Ready Helmet Mount


Ultra Portable Head-Mounted Display Unit


Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Pack


Multi-Task Augmented Reality™ Night Vision Monocular Attachment Heads-Up Display *


Advanced Multi-Functional Laser Rangefinder Unit