Advanced Low-Profile Shroud-Ready Helmet Mount

Introducing a revolutionary helmet mount for optical-electronic devices, specifically designed for military and law enforcement personnel. This mount is crafted with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of intense combat situations.

The mount features 8-way adjustments, providing a level of versatility that surpasses its competitors. The adjustments allow for a wider range of positioning, enabling users to achieve the optimal viewing angle for their specific needs.

The design of this mount is tailored specifically to meet the needs of military and law enforcement professionals, with a sleek and low-profile aesthetic that minimizes obtrusiveness and maximizes functionality. The mount is also easy to install and detach, allowing for quick and efficient setup and removal when necessary.

Overall, this helmet mount is a game-changer for military and law enforcement personnel who require a lightweight, strong, and highly adjustable mount to support their critical missions.


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GR8™ Features

  • Full Compatibility with VAS Shrouds
  • Wider Ranges of Adjustments than Competitors
  • 8-Position Adjustments
  • Personalized Device Positioning
  • Dovetail and Bayonet Brackets
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Durable and Reliable

Looking to purchase the GR8™? Find a dealer near you

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