Thermal Clip-On Attachment for Night Vision

The TICON represents a game-changing Thermal Imaging Clip-On Attachment specifically designed for Night Vision systems. By effortlessly attaching to popular models such as the PVS-7, PVS-14C, LUX-14™ and PVS-31C-MOD, it revolutionizes their capabilities by seamlessly integrating thermal imaging technology, all without requiring any equipment modifications.

This ingenious fusion of two cutting-edge technologies effectively overcomes their individual limitations. In environments with low light, complete darkness, or obstructed visibility due to fog or foliage, the TICON empowers the operator with enhanced situational awareness. While image intensification alone may have its constraints, the TICON introduces a thermal overlay that maintains the identification capability of image intensification while providing crucial insights in challenging conditions.

Thanks to its quick-connect interface, the TICON can be effortlessly mounted and dismounted within mere seconds. This means that operators can swiftly adapt to changing situations, optimizing their tactical effectiveness. Additionally, the unit seamlessly attaches to any night vision device currently in use, eliminating the need to refit helmets or invest in additional mountings. The TICON is primed for special operations straight out of the box, ensuring immediate deployment and compatibility with existing equipment.

The TICON is a revolutionary advancement that seamlessly combines thermal imaging technology with image intensified displays. Its versatile compatibility, rapid installation, and ability to enhance situational awareness in challenging environments make it an indispensable asset for military and law enforcement professionals seeking optimal performance and adaptability in the field.