Precision Thermal Clip-On Scopes

Introducing the TI-GEAR-C, an elite thermal clip-on sight meticulously engineered for professionals seeking superior aiming and engagement capabilities in conjunction with a vast array of firearms and daytime optical scopes. Designed as a seamless integration solution, the TI-GEAR-C effortlessly enhances your existing setup, requiring mere seconds to deploy without the need for zeroing adjustments. It stands as an invaluable asset for both reconnaissance missions and tactical surveillance operations.

At the heart of the TI-GEAR-C lies the latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor, a testament to GSCI’s unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology. Surrounding this state-of-the-art sensor, GSCI’s proprietary hardware and software solutions coalesce to deliver unparalleled image quality, while providing unique tools that grant tactical advantages and ensure user safety.

Uncompromising in its ruggedness, the TI-GEAR-C boasts full dust- and waterproof capabilities, surpassing the rigorous standards set by modern MIL specifications. This robust and dependable tool thrives in the face of long-term, intensive use across any environment, defying challenging lighting conditions and harsh weather scenarios.

The TI-GEAR-C exemplifies GSCI’s dedication to equipping professionals with an exceptional thermal clip-on sight, harmonizing seamlessly with most daytime optical scopes, and redefining the boundaries of performance and reliability.

Most Popular Options & Accessories

  • MTAR™-HUD – Multi-Task Heads-Up Display
  • MVP-240™ – Multi-Voltage Battery Pack
  • HMD-800-MOD – Portable Display Unit
  • QRF-4500™ – Advanced Laser Rangefinder
  • TRC120 – Remote Control
  • LR-EYEPIECE – Direct View Eyepiece (Transforms Unit in Standalone Sight)

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TI-GEAR-C Specifications

  • FPA Refresh Rate: 9Hz or 50Hz/60Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 2X, 4X
  • Display: Full Size: 0.6-Inch, AMOLED, Colour, 800×600
  • Imaging Modes: Monochrome + 8 Colour Palettes
  • Conversion to Standalone Sight (TI-GEAR-S): Yes
  • Digital Video Recorder: Optional – Built-In or External
  • Compass: Yes
  • Inclinometer: Yes
  • Gyroscope: Yes
  • Adjustable Shock Sensor: Yes
  • Power Source: 2x CR123 and External (e.g. MVP-240™)
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours on 2xCR123 or up to 15 hours with MVP-240™
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 Years, Limited

TI-GEAR-C Features

Pairing to Daytime Optics

  • On-Rail
  • On-Scope Direct: via Dayscope’s Thread (M52x0.75)*
  • On-Scope via Quick Release Adapter (“Clamp”)*

* Except 100mm models

Available Models


45mm Objective Lens 384x288 FPA, 17µm


50mm Objective Lens 640x512 FPA, 12µm


75mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA, 17µm


100mm Objective Lens 384x288 FPA, 17µm


100mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA, 17µm

TI-GEAR-X3100 (2-IN-1 KIT)

100mm Objective Lens 384x288 FPA, 17µm

TI-GEAR-X6100 (2-IN-1 KIT)

100mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA, 17µm

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Most Popular Options and Accessories


Compact Laser Rangefinder Attachment Module


Quick Acquisition Advanced Tactical Laser Rangefinder


Ultra Portable Head-Mounted Display Unit


Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Pack


Multi-Task Augmented Reality™ Night Vision Monocular Attachment Heads-Up Display *


Advanced Multi-Functional Laser Rangefinder Unit