TI-GEAR-C | Precision Thermal Clip-On Scopes | GSCI Advanced Photonics

The TI-GEAR-C is the professional-grade thermal clip-on sight for aiming and engagement designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of firearms and daytime scopes. The TI-GEAR-C is a plug-and-play unit, deployed in mere seconds with no zeroing needed. It is also a great tool for reconnaissance and tactical surveillance.

The latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor is at the base of the TI-GEAR-C. GSCI proprietary hardware and software solutions are built around the sensor and offer exceptional image quality along with unique tools for added tactical advantage and user safety.

The TI-GEAR-C is fully dust- and waterproof, meets and exceeds modern MIL standards. The TI-GEAR-C is designed for both professional users and also firearms enthusiasts. It is a robust, reliable tool for long-term, intensive use in any environment, in any lighting or weather conditions.

Most Popular Options & Accessories

  • MTAR™-HUD – Multi-Task Heads-Up Display
  • MVP-240 – Multi-Voltage Battery Pack
  • HMD-800-MOD – Portable Display Unit
  • TRC120 – Remote Control
  • QRF-4500 – Advanced Laser Rangefinder
  • LR-EYEPIECE – Direct View Eyepiece (Transforms Unit in Standalone Sight | Interchangeable in Field Conditions | Built-In Sight Mode in Every TI-GEAR-C)


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TI-GEAR-C Specifications

  • FPA Refresh Rate: 9Hz or 50Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 2X and 4X
  • Display: Full Size: 0.6-Inch, AMOLED, Colour, 800×600
  • Imaging Modes: Monochrome + 8 Colour Palettes
  • Conversion to Standalone Weapon Sight: Yes: Optional Eyepiece Available
  • Digital Video Recorder: Optional: Built-In or External
  • Power Source: 2pcs CR123 and External (e.g. USB power packs)
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 Years, Limited

TI-GEAR-C Features

Pairing to Daytime Optics

  • On-Rail
  • On-Scope Direct: via Dayscope’s Thread (M52x0.75)*
  • On-Scope via Quick Release Adapter (“Clamp”)*

* Except 100mm models

Uncompromised Performance

  • Auto NUC – Shuterless Sensor with Automatic Calibration
  • Full Size – Full Size Colour AMOLED Display
  • 50 Hz – 50Hz Refresh Rate for Smooth Image

Quality And Dependability

  • 100% – Thorough Testing and Inspection of All Parts
  • Rugged – All-Aluminum Body
  • Protected – Fully Dust- and Waterproof

Peace Of Mind

  • 7 Hours of Battery Life
  • Versatility – Accepts Multiple Power Sources
  • 7 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Available Models


45mm Objective Lens 384x288 FPA


75mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA


100mm Objective Lens 384x288 FPA


100mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA

TI-GEAR-X3100 (2-IN-1 KIT)

100mm Objective Lens 384x288 FPA

TI-GEAR-X6100 (2-IN-1 KIT)

100mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA

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Most Popular Options and Accessories


Multi-Task Augmented Reality™ Night Vision Monocular Attachment Heads-Up Display


MVP-240 | Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Pack | GSCI Advanced Photonics


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Universal Remote Control Unit


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