Target Locators

Target Locators

Advanced Long-Range Target Locators

Introducing a family of advanced long-range target locators , including units with augmented vision specifically designed for tactical surveillance, observation, detection, target location and reconnaissance.

Each device provides great situation awareness and is loaded with a stack of industry-unique features. F-series units also feature GSCI’s Unique Patented Fusion technology that allows to produce and display real-time, delay-free fusion image that superimposes all ranges of the spectrum from its sensors to successfully detect any target and defy poor lighting and weather conditions. In addition, Synchronized Compass, GPS and Laser Rangefinder provide valuable information on operator’s as well as target’s whereabouts and speed.

The units are rugged, lightweight, made of hard-anodized aluminum for added strength and shock resistance.

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Target Locators Features

  • 1550nm Wavelength
  • GPS + Compass + Laser Rangefinder
  • Patented GSCI Fusion Technology
  • Up to 39km Ranging Capabilities
  • Rapid and Accurate Measurements
  • Rugged, All-Aluminum Body
  • Measures Speed and Track Angle
  • Displays Your and Target Coordinates
  • Visible or IR Laser Pointer for Aiming

Available Models

LANCE-T Series

Thermal Binocular | Target Locator | Contact For Details

LANCE-F Series

Fusion Binocular | Target Locator | Contact For Details

LANCE-V Series

VNIR Binocular | Target Locator | Contact For Details