Cross-Platform Mobile Fusion System

Evolution Continues.

The QUADRO-VS is a new compact fusion system for Vehicle Surveillance based on the technology of the QUADRO-S unit. Ruggedly built, it is ready for further easy integration by the End User or OEM company onto ground vehicles, unmanned aircrafts, guard towers, etc., offers unlimited use in maritime and other applications where safety is at stake and 100% detection and recognition is crucial.

The renowned patented fusion technology from GSCI utilizes QUADRO-VS’ two complementary channels to allow fully covert surveillance and navigation even in most challenging lighting and weather conditions. The thermal channel pierces through smoke, rain and fog while the visible channel provides additional information and details about surrounding area.

All vehicle’s lights can be completely turned off to avoid unwanted attention and significantly reduce risk of exposure, meanwhile an operator can safely operate the QUADRO-VS from the inside the vehicle and receive information about objects around them in real time.

Five Modes. Unlimited Advantages.

Thanks to GSCI’s patented multi-sensor technology, the QUADRO-VS operates in 5 distinct modes: Thermal, Daytime, Nighttime and two Hybrid views, also known as the Fusion: Day-Fusion and Night-Fusion.

On top of that, the QUADRO-VS comes loaded with many unique features that offer convenience and help give the operator a tactical advantage.


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