Long-Range Fusion Binoculars

The QUADRO-B series represents a formidable line of dual-eye tactical binocular systems engineered for long-range surveillance and reconnaissance, leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the QUADRO-S unit. These advanced binoculars can be wielded by hand or securely mounted on a tripod for enhanced stability.

Empowered by GSCI’s patented multi-sensor technology, each QUADRO-B unit operates seamlessly across five distinct modes: Thermal, Daytime, Nighttime, and two Hybrid views, referred to as the Fusion: Day-Fusion and Night-Fusion. Additionally, the QUADRO-B series is replete with an array of unique features that provide unmatched convenience and furnish the operator with a decisive tactical advantage.

Unlocking Five Primary Modes for Unparalleled Dominance.

Leveraging GSCI’s patented multi-sensor technology, each QUADRO-B binocular system seamlessly transitions between five primary modes: Thermal, Daytime, Nighttime, and two Hybrid views, known as the Fusion: Day-Fusion and Night-Fusion. By expertly fusing detailed imagery sourced from the visible/near infrared and long-wave infrared spectra, these binoculars deliver real-time video feed without lag, elevating situational awareness to unparalleled levels. Moreover, the QUADRO-B series is equipped with an assortment of unique features designed to enhance convenience and empower the operator with a commanding edge. These binoculars harmonize both channels, generating an exceptional real-time visual output, resulting in superlative detection capabilities and comprehensive situational awareness.

The QUADRO-B series is available in three distinct configurations, each boasting objective lenses of 50, 75, and 100mm, accompanied by matching lenses for the visible channel. Each model provides an optimal balance between detection distance and comprehensive situational awareness, ensuring superior performance in varied operational scenarios.

Embrace the Unrivaled Dominance of the QUADRO-B, where fusion technology converges with the power of binocular vision to redefine excellence in tactical surveillance and reconnaissance at long-range distances.

Most Popular Options & Accessories

  • MTAR™-HUD – Multi-Task Heads-Up Display with GPS
  • MVP-240™ – Multi-Voltage Battery Pack
  • HMD-800-MOD – Portable Display Unit
  • QRF-4500™ – Advanced Laser Rangefinder with GPS
  • TRC120 – Remote Control
  • DVR-INT – Internal Video Recorder

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QUADRO-B Specifications

  • FPA Refresh Rate: 9Hz or 50Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 2X, 4X, 8X
  • Display: Full Size: 0.5-Inch, Dual-AMOLED, Colour, 800×600
  • Imaging Modes: Monochrome + 8 Colour Palettes
  • Compass: Yes
  • Inclinometer: Yes
  • Gyroscope: Yes
  • Digital Video Recorder: Optional – Built-In or External
  • Power Source: 4x AA and External (e.g. MVP-240™)
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours on 4x AA and up to 15 hours with MVP-240™
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 Years, Limited

QUADRO-B Features

  • Patented GSCI Fusion Technology
  • Designed for Professional Use
  • Dual-Eye Observation
  • Up to 90 Different Operation Modes when used with QRF-4500™
  • Set of Curated Technological Features
  • 100% Detection Capabilities
  • Fusion-Powered Identification Capabilities
  • Ultra-Long Range Performance
  • Total Magnification up to 32X
  • Optionally Aided by Various Target Location Features
  • Outstanding Endurance and Reliability
  • Latest Generation Hardware and Software
  • Battle-Proven MIL-STD Enclosure
  • Precision-Crafted to Tightest Tolerances
  • Powered by AA Batteries in Quick-Swap Cartridges
  • Extra Long Autonomy on MVP-240™ Pack: up to 15 Hours




Available Models


50mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA


75mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA


100mm Objective Lens 640x480 FPA

Looking to purchase the QUADRO-B? Find a dealer near you

Most Popular Options and Accessories


Ultra Portable Head-Mounted Display Unit


Universal Multi-Voltage Battery Pack


Multi-Task Augmented Reality™ Night Vision Monocular Attachment Heads-Up Display *


Advanced Multi-Functional Laser Rangefinder Unit