Commercial Systems for Industrial, Medical, and Scientific Applications

Industrial Applications

For over 30 years GSCI Advanced Photonics has been manufacturing and supplying professional, most technologically unique Optical-Electronic systems. There is an unlimited list of applications where our high-performance commercial devices are being utilized for early detection of air, electrical, gas, water, heat leaks on such facilities as:

  • Large-Scale Industrial Buildings
  • High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Oil and Gas Pipes
  • Water Dams
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Power Stations: Hydro, Coal, Nuclear
  • Electrical Substations and Power Lines.

Medical Applications

GSCI-built medical systems can be used for conducting safe, noninvasive tests (thermography) as it does not use radiation. Such tests can be used for:

  • Tumor / Malignancy Screening
  • Neurological Uses
  • Cardiovascular Screening
  • Ophthalmology Use

Medical-grade night vision devices are known to help cure night blindness.

Scientific Applications

GSCI Advanced Photonics also offers a wide range of scientific and testing equipment (“test benches”) for thermal engines (FPAs), image intensifer tubes, as well as optical spectrophotometers.

Easy installation and pairing with a PC, advanced monitoring system with pre-programmed thresholds and timings, configurable test parameters and full logging make testing benches a useful yet compact tool to efficiently test and evaluate dozens and hundreds of image intensifier tubes / thermal imaging sensors at once.

It is perfect for OEM, system integrators, as well as companies offering repair and reconditioning services for night vision and thermal imaging systems of all brands and models.